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Yello there! Here at The Releafery we are passionate about creating handmade products that are nourishing as well as eco-friendly.

When we learned about the nasty chemicals that are lurking in store-bought soap (and the ingredients that should be there, but aren't!), we set out on a mission to learn how to make moisturizing, nutrient-rich soaps and other products by hand. One of our goals in creating The Releafery is to get back to basics by using simple, natural ingredients that come straight from the earth. Our soaps, salves, lotions, lip balms, scrubs, and other goodies are made from all natural plant butters, pure essential oils, and other ingredients that are revitalizing for your body. We also carry an array of items made by other environmentally conscious creators!

Another reason The Releafery was born was to provide sustainable options for bath and beauty products as well as items for your kitchen and home. We're all aware of the waste problems our planet encounters, but it can be challenging to find sustainable solutions. We consider sustainability in every aspect of our business including packaging, ingredients, and shipping. The Releafery intends to make it easy for you to use low waste and zero waste products that you can feel good about.  

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