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Teacher Survival Kit

Teacher Survival Kit


Teachers spend so much time taking care of others, it's time they get a few goodies for themselves! This kit will help your favorite educators to survive and thrive through the school year. 



Canvas Tote Bag

Nontinted Lip Balm

Foldable Reusable Cutlery

Holiday Deodorant Cream Packet

Natural Chewing Gum

Simply Mints

5-pack of Patch Bandages

Hand Santa-Tizer, 2 oz Glass Spray

Four Emergency Advil

Three Holiday Soap Minis


*Please note, the colors and scents of the following items will be chosen at random based on availability. If you'd prefer an item to be a specific color or scent, please attach a message to your order.

-Nontinted Lip Balm

-Holiday Soap Minis

-Patch Bandages



-Deodorant Packet


**When shipping this item, products will be packed tight and tissue paper will be folded so you can fluff it up when you're ready to give the gift. 

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