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Swedish Dish Cloths- 3 Pack

Swedish Dish Cloths- 3 Pack


Replace paper towels in the kitchen with this ultra absorbent and reusable Swedish dish cloth! Comes in 3 fun patterns.  It's great for cleaning or drying dishes, cleaning up spills, household cleaning, and even cleaning your floors.


Reusable and Washable: You can use this durable, eco-friendly cleaning cloth again and again. Wash it in your dishwasher or washing machine up to 200 times. One dishcloth lasts 9-12 months! The multipack is great for always having a clean cloth on hand. SUPER Absorbent- This is one super absorbent cloth- it can take in 20 times its own weight in liquid! Just think of all those paper towels you'll no longer be using! 


Made of earth friendly 70% cellulose (wood pulp) and 30% cotton. After its long life, it can be home composted.


Made in Sweden

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