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Safety Razor

Safety Razor


Durable, eco-friendly, and designed for a smooth shave, it's an elegant alternative to disposable plastic razors. Reduce your plastic footprint and embrace a cleaner, greener planet with every shave.


~~~~ What's Included: 1x Razor 10x Refill Blades 1x Packaged in Cotton Bag

~~~~ Material: Bamboo handle and Stainless Steel Blades.

~~~~ Care: Let razor air dry between uses. Replace blade every 5-7 shaving sessions or when you notice a "not as close" shave. Take your time shaving and enjoy the self care.

~~~~ Disposal: Collect the used razor blades in a closable container and check with your local recycling or sharps center for proper disposal. DO NOT put in your recycle, it could harm the people at the facility going through the recycling items.

~~~~ Dimensions: Length: 5.7in Weight: 2.7oz

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