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Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Emulsified Sugar Scrub


What is an emulsified sugar scrub? A scrub that is both cleansing and moisturizing! They don't feel greasy or leave an oily mess in the shower. The sugar gently exfoliates your skin, while the oils keep it nourished and rejuvinated. The scrub will turn into a lotion-like consistency when it is mixed with water on your skin!


The scrub comes in a glass jar that you can clean out and repurpose, or bring it into The Releafery to refill by the ounce! There is also a wooden spoon for scooping the scrub into your hand, as to avoid water getting into the jar.


This scrub is available in 6 inviting scents:

Lavender Fields

Breathe Easy

Lemon Poppyseed

Patchouli Mint

Coffee Mint

Patchouli Orange


8 oz

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