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Cactus Flower Botanical Candle

Cactus Flower Botanical Candle


Nourish your senses and feel revived with the the bright fresh aroma of cactus flowers blooming in the desert emerging from winter sleep. With sweet agave, watery aloe, fresh blooms, crisp pear and earthy patchouli with gorgeous botanicals. A very fresh, succulent scent.
Beautiful hand poured soy wax candle infused with selenite crystals and vibrant flowers such as pink clover, desert marigold and sage



Intention: Revival, nourishment, cleansing. Selenite crystal is known as the cleanser, has the power of clearing energy within a space and other crystals.



Each candle is hand crafted with love and intention in our sacred space. Hand poured soy wax using clean scents. All crystals are vibrationally attuned using crystal singing bowls and solfeggio frequencies.



“I am nourished, I invoke healing and blessings”



Lite candle, create a new energy and place on altar on heat safe dish or surface.
never leave candle burning unattended. Put out when finished burning.

- Hand poured soy wax

-Formulated with clean scents

-Clean burning cotton wick

-Reusable glass container

8.5 oz soy wax candle

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